Security SYstems

Get affordable protection for your home or buisness.

Fire Protection

Protect your loved ones and possesions with a system that alerts you and the proper authorities.

Access Control

Control and keep track of people who come in and out of your facility.

Closed Circuit Television

Deter theft, keep track of employees and view your video from anywhere in the world with a basic high speed internet connection.

Fire Systems

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With DCS MAXSYS fire products you have all the equipment you need to integrate full commercial fire into any security application. MAXSYS offers many Fire Panelfeatures, including an advanced UL listed commercial fire system with a full compliment of modules, including a dual-line dialer module, 24 VDC bell modules and a battery-charging module for high-current applications. Integrating fire and burglary has never been easier.

Fire Accessories

Wired and Wireless Smoke Detectors
Built-in, dual-senor heat detector
Wireless Commercial Fire Alarm Communicator
Maintains connection with the monitoring station even if the phone line goes down.
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors
Colorless, tasteless, odorless but deadly, carbon monoxide (CO) is impossible to detect without a warning device.

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