Security SYstems

Get affordable protection for your home or buisness.

Fire Protection

Protect your loved ones and possesions with a system that alerts you and the proper authorities.

Access Control

Control and keep track of people who come in and out of your facility.

Closed Circuit Television

Deter theft, keep track of employees and view your video from anywhere in the world with a basic high speed internet connection.

Integrated Systems

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ACE Security offers a total security solution that integrates all aspects of building security burglary, fire, access control and automation into a single product, all of which can beused in any combination, at any time. This integration is achieved through the use of the MAXSYS system and components.

This system utilizes advanced microprocessors, extensive software and a unique communication bus that provides high-speed data exchange between the main control panel and installed modules. Multiple buildings are no problem when you choose a system from ACE Security. Administration is a snap with software that allows you to communicate with all of your facilities from a single point. Whether a campus style setting or several buildings spread over a large area, ACE Security offers a single system solution to meet the most demanding needs.