Security SYstems

Get affordable protection for your home or buisness.

Fire Protection

Protect your loved ones and possesions with a system that alerts you and the proper authorities.

Access Control

Control and keep track of people who come in and out of your facility.

Closed Circuit Television

Deter theft, keep track of employees and view your video from anywhere in the world with a basic high speed internet connection.

Security Systems

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KeypadReal peace of mind begins with knowing your new security system is built to the highest quality standards in the security industry. Based on leading-edge technology, the DSC PowerSeries components make it possible for us to offer you a truly superior, fully customized system – whether a traditional hardwired system or a hybrid hardwired/wireless system – with the widest range of innovative features and convenient options.

In addition, these powerful security systems offer tGSM Cellular Backuphe highest level of alarm communications including personal paging if you wish. They also incorporate over a dozen sophisticated false alarm prevention features, making them the most reliable systems on the market today.

What if the phone line has been tempered?

A security system is great but when a phone line has been tempered sometimes signals cannot reach the central station. Solution: Cellular backup. When the phone lines go down the cellular backup instantly takes over for the downed signal.

Security Special

Be sure to check out our Wireless Security Package. You could save $900.00 with ACE's new all-in-one wireless security package.

Security Accessories

Glassbreak Sensor
Based on the Acuity™ glassbreak detector.
Pet Immune Motion Detector
Based on the Bravo® 3D hardwire motion detector. Features pet immunity up to 27 kg (60 lbs).
4 Button Keyfob
4 button keyfob, 12 programmable functions.

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